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Most of our members join because they were told by other mums they should definitely join the club. That's great, but really, why join?


Some view us as their alternate mother's group because we understand the special challenges and needs of having multiples. It is a safe place for a first time mum to ask any questions such as settling your baby to sleep, sleep training and routines, which paediatrician specialises in what and which doctors are good in the area, where to get help and so much more.

Because we are a community, you meet like minded parents of multiples at events organised by the club for the kids but also for the parents.

It is hard to put into words the power of a community but we hope you now have a better idea.

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At its core, the club could be described as a vast brains trust, parents that have walked the path before us and are able to provide guidance, support and help.  

  • Expectant Parent Evenings

  • Buddy Program
    Upon joining the NBMBC, you are paired with an experienced twin mum who can answer all your questions. A great way to connect mums of multiples, get advice and have someone who can listen to you and understand what you are going through.

  • Online community support via closed Facebook group 

  • Assigned to your own Mother of Multiple group

"The members' weight of knowledge is worth more than gold" Ann Dunn - Mums of twins

Play dates and parents' nights out are a great way of making new friends in your area and get your twins, triplets or quads meet other multiples and have some fun in the park! 

  • Weekly park playdates for different age groups

  • Bi-Monthly Meet ups at an indoor soft play area in the Norther Beaches

  • Networking dinners, mums and dad's night out

  • Annual Christmas Parties with their own Santa Claus

  • And many other Events

Still not sure about joining?

Why not join one of our events and see for yourself?

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Once you join, you have access to a private Facebook group, where members are often very giving with multiples items. It is  easy to pick up many second hand items.

  • Access to hospital grade breast pump and pillow hire

  • Members sell and giveaway clothes, nursery items, toys, etc that their kids have grown up

  • Discounts in the Australian Multiple Birth Association's network of local and international stores

"Within the first month of joining, I was given a feeding pillow. The cost of my membership was paid back!" Audrey Sleaford - Mums of twins

For those who are interested to learn more and discuss ideas for multiple families.

  • Affiliation with AMBA

    • The Annual AMBA conference to gather fresh ideas from people who understand your challenges

    • AMBA webinars on various topics such as The psychology of raising multiples, Classroom placement, Together or Apart

  • Education Speaker presentations

  • Breastfeeding support and education from our Lactation counselor

  • School Readiness and Literacy Assessment

  • First Aid refresher

  • Newsletters​

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Life Member

Serve in the Committee for at least 7 years

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