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What is NBMBC?

The Northern Beaches Multiple Birth Club (NBMBC) is a not for profit volunteer organisation established and maintained by multiple birth parents. We provide support, activities, resources and education to multiple birth parents and their families. With a broad range of family types in the club, there will always be someone with whom you resonate and can share the joys and tribulations of raising multiples.

We offer a range of services from breast pump and pillow hire to a wide range of library books. We have special evenings for expectant parents and morning tea's for those with newborns. There are always plenty of parents that have been there before you willing to offer advice or a helping hand. There are weekly gatherings for those with toddlers needing some time out of the house, and monthly catch ups to which all are invited.


Our Committee


Debbie Rosser


Debbie is Mum to seven year old identical twins and a five year old. Debbie works full time as a Chartered Accountant and is very lucky to work in the ESG space. Debbie joined the Committee as the Treasurer in 2018 and was also responsible for Equipment Hire. Debbie is passionate about making our Club a supportive, safe space for our Member Families. Debbie loves talking to Mums with twins (or triplets) in prams so don't be surprised if she stops you in the shops to say hi.

Beth - website photo.jpeg

Beth Fitzgerald

Beth's commitment revolves around nurturing the well-being of parents and their multiples, fostering a sense of belonging within our community. With her journey beginning in 2017, Beth brings a wealth of experience and a firsthand understanding of the unique challenges and joys of raising multiples from raising her twins, who are now 6. Beyond her role within our club, Beth is an accomplished Civil Engineer.  She's an enthusiastic explorer, frequently engaging in beach outings, swimming, kayaking and bushwalks, immersing herself in nature's serenity.


Kathleen Keniha

Mum to 5 year old fraternal twin boys, Kathleen is also working full time in a busy finance role, which often feels like a breeze when compared to parenting twinadoes. She is part of the Committee since 2020 to give back to the club and to ensure that the NBMBC remains viable, and can continue to support families of multiples. 

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