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Family Time

Parents Supporting Parents of Multiples

Have you just discovered you are expecting twins, triplets or more?! Are you already a mum or dad of multiples and looking to meet other families?

Join our support and social group for parents of multiples in Sydney's Northern Beaches. 

All our members and volunteers are parents who have been there and can share with you the joys and tribulations of raising multiples.​

Our Mission

Northern Beaches Multiple Birth Club (NBMBC) is a non profit organisation dedicated to supporting families of multiple birth children through education, networking and raising public awareness of the unique challenges multiple birth families face.

The NBMBC is run by parents of multiples who volunteer to help provide support and services to the families with Multiples on the Northern Beaches. 



We have a network of local and national retailers & service providers, offering discounts to families of multiples. Plus our members regularily sell and pass on usefule everyday itesm their kids have grown out of 



All our volunteers and members are willing to reply your questions on our private Facebook group. You'll also get access to our lactation consultant and other experts.



From our weekly playgroups to our monthly kids events, parent socials plus our Christmas end of year celebration, you and your kids will certainly make new friends.



Participate to our information sessions, webinars and school readiness program. Run by experts for mulitples from birth to school age.

Why Join NBMBC?

Not Sure Yet?


Expectant night

Join one of our information nights every second month for any parents expecting multiples. You do not need to be a member to participate.

Happy Twins

Meet members

Participate to one of our weekly or monthly events if you would like to meet some of our members before joining us.

Image by Karsten Winegeart

Follow us

Follow our Facebook page to better understand how we can help and the next events happening near you.

What our members say

Bree, Mum of twins

NBMBC is so much more than I could have hoped for. Not only were there benefits of discounts, they also offered educational sessions such as first aid and expectant parents evenings. 

By far my biggest appreciation for NBMBC has been the community of families who are incredibly supportive and have become our village. Connecting with others who have/are on the same journey as your own little family really validates all the challenges and the wins. 

The ride that is parenthood, made rockier by multiples, is that much smoother thanks to this club! 

Melissa, Mum of twins

Becoming a parent to twins was and continues to be a steep learning curve, particularly as a first time mum. I was so lucky to be connected with a warm, open and caring buddy who has been a huge support in these first months of motherhood.


From practical advice on what's worked for her family, to a listening ear as a friend, to validation of what twin parenting involves, The club with its buddy program has been incredibly valuable and supportive and has given me comfort and confidence.

Eamonn, Dad of twins

From our first expectant evenings (pre arrival) to the many playdates, parent outings, activity sessions & Christmas parties – we love being part of the NBMBC.


Everyone we have met through the club has been open to share their stories, listen to ours and happy to donate their time responding to curly questions that only parents of multiples can answer.  I joined the committee in 2019 and have enjoyed giving back where I can.

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